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Designing a brand identity

Written By Nicola Ball

Building a brand is a long drawn out process and I’ve always likened the process to having another baby. I’m a Mother of two gorgeous children, but for most of my professional life, I’ve had other babies on the go. Honestly I’d probably say the easiest marketing project for me is when I have a blank canvas to work with and then I can create a brand identity with relevance, credibility and authenticity. However, the vast amount of projects that land on my desk are from established brands, mostly stagnating or in decline and in dire need of an overhaul.

Rebrand or not?

Sometimes it’s not about re-branding, sometimes its something simple in your marketing mix not resonating with your target audience. Most of the time, it’s the toe in the water hap hazard approach that results in, well haphazard results.

So, stop what you are doing. Throwing money at a project doesn’t always help it either. If a man is drowning and you keep throwing life-aids and he doesn’t catch them, what would you do? Watch him drown or get in the water and save him. Ok, business and branding are less dramatic, but the principle is the same. Too many people shut up shop, re-brand or kill brands without fully understanding the journey they have been on and could have been on.

So where are you in your business? Is your brand where it should be?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your brand have vision?
  • Does your brand have meaning?
  • Does your brand have authenticity?
  • Does your brand have coherence?
  • Does your brand have commitment?
  • Does your brand have value?
  • Does your brand have differentiation?
  • Does your brand have sustainability?

If you answered yes to all of the above, big round of applause. You’re my kinda branding geek.

Answer no, to any of these, call me, we’ll go for coffee and talk about how we can get your brand on track.

I’ll buy you a bun to soften the blow…..