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How to make the most of your website.

Written By Nicola Ball

Do you have a website?  Thinking of redesigning a website?  I get many many many enquiries every day regarding website development, anything from a simple website to large complicated e-commerce sites.  All of which we can accommodate.  However, most of clients KNOW they need a website, but they don’t know what they need their website to deliver.

I always think of website, like a shop window for your business, be it corporate or consumer, your website, could well be the first interaction a potential customer has with your business.  It could also be the last…..

Ensuring your website is suitable for your business is the key to ensuring your website delivers what you need.

Do you currently measure the traffic to your website, and what happens when they get there? Are potential customers bouncing off your website?  Are you data capturing in anyway? Do you know how the traffic is getting to your website and is it relevant traffic?   If you don’t know, then its time to lift the bonnet up and get under the hood people!

Before you go and redesign a website, lets find out what’s happening with your current website.  You need Google Analytics added to measure your website.  Don’t have the first clue where to start?  Give us a bell and we can get this set up for you, report on whats working and what’s not, we can even train you so you can manage this all by yourself if you want!

The amazing thing about all things digital is that everything can be measured and understood.  No more fingers in the air!

Contact us today if you’d like some non bamboozling information on measuring your website performance!