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Is it time for you to do a happy dance?

Written By Nicola Ball

I’m not really one for blowing my own trumpet, but I’ve just had a phone call from a VERY happy client, and instead of doing my usual private happy dance, I wanted to share it with you all, because not only has this project been challenging and different, it’s also been so incredibly rewarding for both sides.

I started working with this new client, Crosbie Towers, just over a year ago. They approached me, based on a Google search for a marketing agency (Organic Search is still important folks).

Iain, Lesley and their son Greame own and run a number of operations in the West Coast of Scotland, and they had some concerns about their stagnating business. Crosbie Towers is a Caravan Park, it’s a kind of unusual Caravan Park by todays standards. Its situated just on the outskirts of West Kilbride (if you’ve never been I strongly suggest checking it out, it’s the Craft town of Scotland, it’s very pretty and arty farty). Anyway, the park itself is situated in what feels like a world away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. There are no chips and bright lights, and the peace you feel on the drive up to Crosbie Towers, is simply stuff you wish you could bottle!

The caravans, are owners only as well, no renters, so you know when you purchase a caravan, you won’t have annoying new neighbours every time you visit. Its really quite a unique place. The fact that its family owned, just adds that special timeless something to the place.

As you can probably tell, I sort of fell in love with the place. I’ve never fancied owning a caravan before, but this place could change most peoples mind.

When I met the family, I met people who were passionate about their business, and growing their business, but frustrated at their lack of growth. These guys had been doing this for 25 years, so they knew their stuff, they knew how to market and sell, but their recipe for success wasn’t quite delivering the same results anymore.

The world has changed and the dynamics of the marketing mix have changed and with such a massive shift to digital they were just becoming lost in all the noise of their competitors.

I could see clearly from the outset what was required. This was my first battle. Their brand didn’t match their offer. Their website was on page 1,000,000 of google and well frankly their digital presence was null and void.

Off I went from our first meeting and was commissioned to come up with a marketing strategy and plan based on their current marketing budget. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t have a big fat budget to work with, but anyone who knows me and has worked with me, knows I love a challenge, and being creative and delivering the most effective results makes me a happy camper! Success feels even more rewarding when its achieved with a ‘roll your sleeves up’ campaign.

So I stuck to budget and delivered a staged plan that involved a rebrand, new website and a communication and engagement strategy.

The first thing I remember Iain saying to me was ‘Nicola, how am I supposed to sell caravans from a website, and Facebook? Is that not where people post pictures of their dinner?’

He wasn’t convinced it would work. So I had my work cut out showing him how we would build a voice for the brand and drive traffic and engagement, but ultimately the objective was and is to get people to Crosbie Towers for a visit, and as the family are so infectiously passionate about the park, the sales take care of themselves. I would say, Iain took a leap of faith in something he didn’t by his own admission fully understand how it could work, and for that I’m entirely grateful.

Without giving away our complete formula for success, we did rebrand. I wanted to create a look and feel that matched the quality of the park. We did create a new website and we created a platform to firstly open dialogue with people who were interested, and we started sharing what makes Crosbie Towers so special!.

In three short months, we’ve grown the database organically, we’ve created a large and interested Facebook community and most importantly the Crosbie Towers caravan owners has grown.

My happy dance came when Iain called me to say he was sorry he’d missed my calls, and he wasn’t ignoring me, it was simply because he was so busy! He went on to tell me that after consulting with his accountant, they were looking to have THEIR BEST YEAR YET!

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved, and delivering on the original budget. We’ve smashed the original goals, and having now proved the formula for success, we are working on continuing this success.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I absolutely LOVE to help businesses and brands perform better, and I can and will.

I’ve two slots this weeks for a free consultation via phone or Skype, if you want to have a no obligation conversation about what I can do to help your business, simply click the link to contact us, and we’ll be in touch to schedule some time to make your business SOAR!

Until then, I’m back to doing my happy dance!