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Is your website responsive?

Written By Nicola Ball

Firstly what is a responsive website?  Should you be taking out the defib and bringing it back to life?  Nothing as drastic as that thankfully.  Do you ever look at your Google Analytics and the types of devices people use to access your website?  If not, then we can help with that.  Understanding traffic to your website is one thing, understanding how people access your site is another.

Over 30% of the UK population access the internet via their mobile device.  30%!!!.  My own website is accessed by 70% of the total traffic via mobile devices.  My website however, is mobile responsive…phew!

So what is this responsive website malarky you speak of?

You might be wondering what an earth I am on about, and what this mobile responsive stuff all means to you and your business?  So I thought I would enlighten you.

Does your website work at its best across all devices, such as desktops, tablets and mobiles?  Does it function and can prospective customer still easily navigate from that device?  Trust me, there is NOTHING more annoying than a website not being responsive.  99% of people lose interest in less than a second.

More importantly though, Google doesn’t like websites that are not responsive, something I personally found out not too long ago.  Now I thought my website was responsive, it looked fine on my mobile and my tablet, however, about four weeks ago, my enquiry level dropped off the page.  I was starting to wonder if I should change my deodorant, when the penny finally dropped!

I did a check, and yes Google wasn’t loving my website the way it used to. It’s plain and simple.  If you want Google to share the love and keep your traffic coming to your website, you my friend, are going to have to move with the times, and add a responsive element to your website.

My website is now fixed and normal service has resumed, but it got me to thinking that rather a lot of my clients didn’t have responsive sites and this could be seriously harming their business as well.

All that said, don’t panic, you don’t have to go out and get a whole new website.  You just need to make your current site responsive, which is simple and cost effective!

So let us check if you are in need of an update to your website by clicking here and sending us your web domain in the subject box and we’ll get back to you straight away (or in ten minutes if we’re having a coffee and cake break…yeah, that’s how we roll sometimes)…