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We’re excited to launch The Business Bootcamp

Written By Nicola Ball

The Business Bootcamp

The Project Marketing Company are delighted to announce the launch of their Business Bootcamp sessions.

What is The Business Bootcamp?

1-1 sessions tailored to your business to get your business and brands in ship shape.

Don’t worry we won’t have you doing press ups in a field in your suit! What we will however have you doing is getting you and your business to the next level.

We operate bootcamp on a 1-1 level, essentially like having a personal trainer. Your bootcamp trainer will assess your business and create a bespoke plan for your business, broken into achievable weekly tasks.

You will be given tools and direction on how to achieve what you want.

  • Mindset – Develop the right attitude that makes you successful, and understand what’s holding the business back.
  • Goals – Set goals and achieve them, including tools that support this.
  • Strategies – Learn strategies to develop a product or service and successfully get to your target market.
  • Plan – Create a plan that is executable, so you can immediately start, no waiting for Monday.
  • Implementation – The implementation is up to you or you can engage us to help you implement your plan.

If you want to grow your business and brands, then you need to be focused on the end goal and not get bogged down in all of the day to day, that said however, it’s very easy to get lost and then coast along. Not to worry, we’re here to give you the tools to get you moving again and a boot up the backside if needs be!

Our business bootcamps, are tailored to your business, we offer 24/7 support and we’re always only ever a phone call away.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Does your brand have vision?
  • Does your brand have meaning?
  • Does your brand have authenticity?
  • Does your brand have coherence?
  • Does your brand have commitment?
  • Does your brand have value?
  • Does your brand have differentiation?
  • Does your brand have sustainability?

If you’d like some further information or a quote for a block of bootcamp sessions, and receive your discount, please contact us or give us a call.

We’re offering a 10% discount to anyone who books the bootcamp session by Friday 25th October.

Each session lasts for one hour and can either be face to face, phone, skype or walkie talkies…whatever is convenient for you.

Please quote BC9 on your enquiry.