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Our new online course!

Written By Nicola Ball

I receive lots of different types of marketing related enquiries, and one that has recurred more than most over the last five years, is from small start up organisations.  They want the big brand, the all singing and dancing website, SEO and PPC, and supported campaigns.  The problem always is, and remains to be budget.

I always want to get involved, and get incredibly frustrated when the budget runs dry.  It got me to thinking, how can I help small businesses, and give them the tools to be able to action some of their marketing needs themselves?

Are you one of the types of businesses?  In May, we will be launching an online course and support group for small businesses that will educate you on everything you need to know and enable you to take charge of your marketing, especially if you are on a tight budget.

We’ll talk you though everything from the briefing process, getting the best deals and knowing what you’ll get for your money.  We’ve put a special focus on digital marketing.  Understanding SEO, and how to get the most out your digital advertising, be it display or Pay Per Click (PPC).  We’ll walk you through e-commerce and m-commerce, and the delights of selling on the internet, and importantly understanding how you get what’s in your head into something that makes you money.

We’ll give you the tools to understand what happens on your website, where traffic comes from and what’s working for you and what isn’t.  This is the digital age, and you have to be responsive to what is going on.  If your website isn’t responsive and made for thumbs, chances are you could be loosing out on sales and conversions.

Our marketing course is to enable you, the business owner, to make better decisions and be able to take yourself to the next level.  It’s not for everyone.  Some people want to hand over to the experts and that’s fine if your budget allows for that.  If not though, we can help.

The course is a series of modules and can be purchased by module or the entire course, that way you can pick and choose what interests you most.

The course will be available on our website next month to purchase, if you would like any information on this please contact nicola@theprojectmarketingcompany.co.uk