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We’re excited to launch The Business Bootcamp

Lovingly written by Nicola Ball On October 21, 2013

The Project Marketing Company are delighted to announce the launch of their Business Bootcamp sessions. What is The Business Bootcamp? 1-1 sessions tailored to your business to get your business and brands in ship shape. Don’t worry we won’t have you doing press ups in a field in your suit! What we will however have… Read More »

How marketing in-house could be costing your company £££’s

Lovingly written by Nicola Ball On August 15, 2013

I’ve said it before, if you’re a small(ish) business, the likely hood is that you’ll be arming yourself with all the latest books and blogs on marketing and attempting to get your business on the map yourself. Nothing wrong with that. However, I refer to an earlier blog about hiring the milkman to do the… Read More »

Why hire a marketing consultant?

Lovingly written by Nicola Ball On June 24, 2013

So, you’re here, reading this, so that must mean you have an interest in improving your business. Which is a great place to start. Hiring a marketing consultant for some people can seem frivolous and a waste. I’d be sitting on a private island if I’d actually charged every time I heard someone tell me… Read More »