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Website Leasing…new from TPMC

Written By Nicola Ball

One of my greatest passions and why I set up TPMC in the first place is to see business and brands flourish.

I have been lucky enough to work on some incredible projects over the years and one thing that comes up time and time again is the all important budget.

For start ups or even for smaller businesses, the challenge is always value for money.  I find, website development and design can be costly for clients who are challenged with creating a shop window for their business on a shoestring.

What I’ve seen is clients create a budget website, which doesn’t really deliver anything of any real value to them.  It gets out of date pretty quickly as well, and delivers no real knowledge on the traffic your website receives.

Imagine a simpler world.  Imagine you could have a top notch all singing, all dancing website, for as little as £1 a day.  Is it possible?  Well, yes, here at TPMC it is.  I want to help you, create your brand and digital shop window AND make it affordable to you.

As a small  business owner, you’ll know the value of leasing your car or your hardware, but you’ve probably never thought of leasing your website?  For a small monthly fee, you can have you website designed, developed and hosted for a suitable term.  You can either hand it back or purchase at the end of the term – however, realistically with the speed that everything moves at, you will probably be wanting a new website by then, and you can of course start the process on the same terms as before.

You can have a simple lease to design, develop and host your website, or you can have monthly extras, such as Google Analytics (understanding your web site visitors and conversions), blog postings and social media management, we can even manage your email marketing campaigns.  Its all down to you.  You can hand it all over and we’ll take care of it.

Interested in finding out more?  Drop me a line to, for a free no obligation conversation about your web requirements!