What do TPMC actually do? | The Project Marketing Company

What we do

We’re consultants, but not the type that just consult (Although we do that as well!)

We will take you and your business on a journey and be there with you (if you want us) until the very end. If that’s a project or a full product life-cycle, we can bring together a project team to fit the bill.

Our Skills & Services

We are strategic brand builders.

This means our speciality is building brands, strong durable brands.  We have a huge network of project partners in our talent bank, and we match the right partners to the right projects, which means you get an end-to-end service.

We are transparent.  We charge our rate. The project partners charge theirs.  We manage the project, so you have one contact no matter how complex and how many partners are involved in your project(s).  This keeps things simple your end, takes the pressure off and ensures you can focus on what’s important, which is the day to day running of your empire.

How it Works

We operate a ‘keep the time wasters at bay’ policy.

Experience has taught us that if we didn’t, we would end up spending most of our working day pitching for jobs that no-one ever had the intention of giving us.

We are happy to offer a free of charge initial consultation either over the phone or in person.  We will then put together some rough ideas of how to progress.  At that time, everyone can decide if they want to proceed.  Generally we work on either a retained basis (for clients who have ongoing marketing demands that they want to outsource), or we work on a job-by-job basis.  It’s up to you what works best.  We find most clients want to know what their spend is going to be, so agree to a rolling monthly retainer for a few days per month to get started.

We also operate a transparent pricing policy.  We don’t have a mark up on other services, nor are we incentivised by our project partners and agencies to work with them.  You pay a day rate to TPMC and our selected partner will quote additional costs, such as a web design project.  Which means you get the best value with no hidden mark ups.