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Why hire a marketing consultant?

Written By Nicola Ball

So, you’re here, reading this, so that must mean you have an interest in improving your business.

Which is a great place to start. Hiring a marketing consultant for some people can seem frivolous and a waste. I’d be sitting on a private island if I’d actually charged every time I heard someone tell me they could do it better themselves. Maybe you can.

May I be so bold, as to suggest though, that marketing is a serious arm of any business and should be treated in such a way. Would you hire the milkman to do your accounts? Would you tackle manufacturing or intellectual property management yourself? Treat marketing the same way. It’s not a role for smoozing, it’s a serious commercial role that needs a deep understanding of your commercial objectives and of your overall corporate and brand goals. You of course, should know all of this, but do you then have the depth of knowledge of marketing channels and analysis?

I say this time and time again, but invest and analyse your return on investment. It’s basic; building a brand can seem like investing in a tangible thing without tangible results, but the results should come with growth, sales and profit margins. Don’t keep throwing money in the pot and hoping for the best.

I myself have vast amount of experience in Sales. I have what some people call the gift of the gab. I however, don’t particularly enjoy selling. I also don’t proclaim to want to do the selling side of this business myself. I bring in someone with a proven track record who can deliver results. Play to your strengths and bring in a team of strengths. Every person brings something different to the table.

Ask yourself this.

  • In your business what position do you take?
  • Do you do everything?
  • Can you delegate?
  • Do you find it hard to trust people?
  • Do you not think anyone could ever do the job as well as yourself?

We KNOW. I’m a pedantic and particular breed of person. I only hire consultants who live and breath what they do. So they can deliver the best to you and your business. If they don’t, they don’t last long. I personally oversee every project that comes in the door.

This is not about money and earning a wage. This is about passion and people who actually give a monkeys. I give a monkeys. My consultancy gives a monkeys. We give a monkeys. Do you give a monkeys?

Bring in the best, and your business will be the best. It’s that simple.