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Why your business needs a blog to bring your story to life!

Written By Nicola Ball

I’ve lost count of the number of conversations I’ve had about blogging.  Most business owners have heard of it but often they’re not sure how it’ll help them.  Either that or it just seems like far too much work!

For me, starting a blog is hands down the best thing you can do to market your business.  Let me tell you why.

Why do I need a blog?

When you have a website, you’ve got around five seconds to make an impression.  If your web page doesn’t tell your customer that they’re in the right place, they’ll be gone and you might never get them back.

A blog is a bit different.  It isn’t about the hard sell.  It’s more about having a conversation.  When you write your blog you can talk about your work but still show some personality.  Often, that’s the only thing that separates you from the competition.  You get the customer simply because they like you more.

You can also use a blog to maintain a relationship with your existing customers.  I’ve seen a client’s customers choose to upgrade their existing product purely because the blog helped them to feel that they were looked after.  That’s been a huge boost for their business.

Show your expertise

Of course, it’s not just about personality.  You can set yourself up as an expert simply by writing about a problem your customers face and how you came up with a solution.  It gives your customers confidence that you’re on their wavelength and have the knowledge and experience to help them.  Even if they don’t call straight away, they’ll still remember you.

Social media made easy

A blog post can give you a real head start on social media.  Instead of thinking of dozens of unique posts you can simply share a link or ask a question that’s related to your subject to get people talking.  If you’ve got a Twitter account you can even Tweet a few catchy phrases to attract people’s attention.

Getting people talking can have enormous benefits.  You could gain insight that helps you develop a whole new product or service.  It’s much easier to sell something that you already know your customers want.

Boosting your website traffic

If your customers have discovered your blog on social media you increase the chances that they’ll look at the rest of your website while they’re there.

Ultimately, posting regular updates to your website will also do wonders for your SEO.  Each search engine has bots (or spiders) that trawl the internet looking for content.  These bots will help to decide how far up your website will appear in your customers’ search results.  They factor in the keywords and phrases you use, whether other websites are linking to yours and how often your site is updated.  If you’ve got new content appearing every week it will make you much more visible.

But what do I write about?

This can be massively daunting but there are plenty of places to start.  Ask your customers what they like about your business and why they buy from you.  You might think that behind the scenes stuff is boring but the reverse is often true!

You could use case studies to show how you’ve helped other people, answers to your FAQs or updates about your industry.

If you only do one thing to market your business, try blogging, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

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